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On January 15, 2014 Interchange Limited completed ‘ICN1’, Vanuatu’s first international submarine cable system linking Port Vila (Vanuatu) to Suva (Fiji). ICN1 spans a distance of over 1250km, and was completed at a cost of over 32M USD linking Vanuatu directly into the Southern Cross Cable between USA, Australia and New Zealand connecting all Vanuatu internet users to the global telecommunications highway.

The Interchange Group has now commenced work on ‘ICN2’ – a 3500km cable system that will link Vanuatu to Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. ICN2 is scheduled to be Ready-For-Service in June 2016.

With multiple subsea cable connections and a geographically strategic location, Vanuatu and Interchange are set to provide a safe, secure and viable data centre and investment location, creating a new low cost e-commerce hub in the South Pacific.

This objective will be achieved in three core segments:

1) ‘ICN1’ Vanuatu to Fiji

2) ‘ICN2’ Vanuatu to Papua New Guinea (via Solomon Islands)

3) ‘ICN3’ Vanuatu to New Caledonia
ICN Group
Interchange Limited Optical Fibre Submarine Networks

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‘ICN1’ Completed: 15th January 2014

‘ICN2’ In Progress

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