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Cable Bandwidth

Wholesale Capacity

For start-up internet service providers (ISP) or businesses needing more capacity than is currently offered by Vanuatu-based internet providers, Interchange can supply you with fast and reliable bandwidth directly.

Ping times to critical nodes from Port Vila are currently at:

  • San Jose, United States – 132 milliseconds
  • Sydney Australia – 48 milliseconds
  • Suva, Fiji – 13 milliseconds

Capacity is available as:

  • Megabits per second (up to 2,048Mbps)
  • Gigabits per second (up to 4Gbps)
  • 10 Gbps wavelength

IP transit

IP transit offers the most straightforward connection routes for our customers. We designed our network to meet the high demands of telecommunications operators and internet service providers (ISPs), and we offer management from end to end.

Redundancy across oceans

Our primary network route is carried via the Interchange Cable Network 1 (ICN1) to connect in Fiji with the Southern Cross cable system, allowing for routes to Sydney, Australia, and San Jose, United States. When ICN2 and ICN3 are completed in the coming years Interchange will also offer alternate paths to Sydney and San Jose via the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. With multiple failover paths, Vanuatu is an attractive location for safe and secure data storage.