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Satellite Bandwidth

Wholesale Satellite Capacity

With the launch of AelanSat scheduled for September 2021, Interchange is now taking orders for dedicated capacity and reseller packages terminated in Vanuatu. Wholesale satellite capacity is ideal for businesses, organisations and Government departments needing connectivity across different islands, with backed up connections in the case of disruption, and not dependent on line-of-sight towers.

Examples of organisations that would benefit from satellite include maritime security, businesses like banks with outer island branches, health services and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with a presence on multiple islands.

There are many more advantages for users in switching to wholesale satellite:

  • Pay a wholesale rate and set your own margins
  • You own the account – one wholesale bill for all accounts, turn down unprofitable towers and replace with a high-revenue alternative, or add a tower when you get a cluster of several satellite customers
  • Select your own packages and set your own prices
  • Low-cost equipment
  • Easy to install with great training programs

Terminal at a glance

  • High-speed connectivity
  • State-of-the-art data acceleration
  • Built-in security against theft of service and theft of subscriber
  • Web-based applications give you visibility and control over all user accounts