ICN1 is turning 6!

It is hard to believe that our subsea cable is almost six years old. It has provided our community with an uninterrupted service despite bearing the brunt of two cat 5 cyclones (Winston and Pam).

Since launching ICN1 in January 2014, the price of wholesale capacity in Vanuatu has fallen from USD3000/Mbps to USD65/Mbps today. This is a regionally competitive price.

International bandwidth capacity demand has grown in Vanuatu from 150Mbps to beyond 8,000Mbps over the past 6 years.

Interchange has achieved all of this while still posting healthy operating profit – the proceeds of which has been reinvested in our second subsea cable system, “ICN2”.

Interchange would like to thank all stakeholders for their ongoing support of this 100% Vanuatu-citizen-owned venture.