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Connecting Vanuatu Internationally for 10 years!

The Interchange Group is a Vanuatu-based consortium with the largest shareholder, the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) and other government entities giving the Vanuatu Government 62% ownership. Interchange has been committed to providing nation-building telecommunications technologies and infrastructure to all communities throughout Vanuatu and the South Pacific region.

Interchange built Vanuatu’s only subsea cable in 2014, connecting Port Vila to Suva, Fiji, where it connects the South Pacific to global communications and has since changed the face of ICT in Vanuatu by reducing the cost of bandwidth by more than 95 per cent and increasing usage by over 25 times which is continuing to grow in 2023 with nearly 40% increase in the last eighteen months alone.

Interchange launched AelanSat satellite service in early 2024, and will install another subsea cable that will connect Vanuatu with New Caledonia, providing backup and ensuring uninterrupted connection. Through these projects, Interchange is providing Vanuatu with a game-changing opportunity to diversify the country’s tourism-dependent economy by satisfying the global thirst for safe data storage in different nodes around the globe. 

Interchange began producing dividends in 2020 for public shareholders, the Vanuatu Government, Vanuatu Post and the VNPF, and this has continued successfully for the past four years.

In addition to having a robust, fast and reliable connection, Vanuatu is strategically placed in the Asia-Pacific region, offering multi-lingual services, lower tax rates than neighbouring countries, and a high level of cyber security, with protection guaranteed by the Cybercrime Act and the Data Protection Act. 

All these items in place will ensure that Interchange can continue to connect, collaborate and communicate with strategic partners and help grow government services, especially in health and education.


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